Microblogs achieve Mega-Results

Social media and blogging sites reach 80% of all U.S internet users, 57% of B2B internet marketers agree blogging has a big impact on lead generation and increasing sales. Social blogging accounts for 23% of total time spent browsing the web – twice as much as gaming. The most popular blog posting rates is weekly – which account for 60% of current bloggers.

NJ Blogging Services

Blogging sites (other known as a “micro-sites”) are small blog sites hosted on a unique class “C” domains which is used to increase readership, customers and promote brand awareness. Blogging sites can be used to promote a product, service, event or any interesting information which is relevant to your main website. These micro-sites are used to increase readership and act as funnel with the ultimate goal of increasing sales across your main website.

I design and develop these microsites which attract loyal visitors that find an interest in your brand or information you publish. The content that is published on these site are SEO optimized allowing for higher rankings and customer reach across various social media and social networking sites. These blog posts provide tremendous search marketing value by allowing users to taking interest and social sharing content they find appealing. When you blog content is shared across social media sites the end result is success! By sharing your blog posts, you acquire new customers, promote brand awareness and increase targeted readership.

My Microsite Blogging Services Include:
Micro Blogging Statistics
  • Creating & updating content
  • Integrating social and sharing actions
  • Custom design
  • Branding identity
  • WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr and other various frameworks
  • SEO Optimized

These sites provide a fast and cost-effective method for a new business to reach their target audience. By using a quick and easy content management system (CMS) – most bloggers find it simple to create a beautiful blog and start posting the same day.

My blogging sites may be small, but having numbers high-quality blogging sites and creating a niche network that allows you to reach your target customers in invaluable whether you’re a new business, launching a new product or service, or advertising a promotion to drive customers to your website.

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