Custom Programming

Bring your idea to Life

Custom development and modifications are needed in today’s competitive online marketplace in order to stay ahead of the competition. In fact, 92% of successful e-commerce sites have some sort of customization included in their platform. If you have an idea, or need some custom work completed for your website – I'm ready to help.

NJ Custom Web Development

To achieve the level of customization that is needed for your website or application all you have to do is inform me of the concept you need accomplished, along with any other documentation, and I will carefully design and execute your customization to fit your business needs. Website customizations are extremely important because it makes your website unique compared to the competition. It's also exciting because custom modifications lead to generating revenue, and contribute to a higher level of business success.

If your goal is to add some functionality to your website or e-commerce store; or even develop a custom large-scale website from scratch from a general idea - I can provide your business with any level of customization to meet your needs.

Several custom projects I’ve completed:
  • Product catalog search filters using Ajax
  • JQuery product zoom and scroll functionality
  • JavaScript and JQuery product estimation times based on attributes
  • Geo-location and mobile detection services based on IP/GPS coordinates
  • SMS text messaging integration
  • Facebook custom social actions and objects integration

Some other examples of custom development and programming include working with e-commerce platforms such as Magento, OScommerce, Wordpress, Drupal, Facebook API and pure PHP. Application programming interface code connects your website to popular web services and websites to enhance interaction with your customers.

To get started with your custom project, send me a message so we can discuss further details in order to identify, design, and achieve your projects goal.