Email Marketing

Send better Email

Email marketing isn’t by any means dead. Email is here to stay and it’s evolving faster than ever before. To achieve e-mail marketing success your business must adapt to the current best practices of “ethical” e-mail marketing. This ensures proper in-boxing and high open/click through rates.

NJ Email Marketing Services

In addition to web, print, video and branding services; I also specialize in cutting edge e-mail marketing services using dedicated, white listed IP mailing servers that guarantees high inbox rates so your e-mail blast doesn’t end up in the spam folder. Why should you waste time and hard work because due to NOT knowing the current e-marketing best practices? By knowing the current methods to prevent email getting flagged as spam your customers will be able to open and read your email campaigns with success. After each campaign, I'll evaluate your performance and provide recommendations to fix areas needing improvement.

By using my proper email strategy, configuration for mail servers, your business receives a multitude of e-mail marketing advantages which include:

  • Distribution to single or multiple targeted potential leads and prior customers
  • Minimize marketing costs using my methods and the technologies
  • Proactive messages that direct customers to your website
  • Cost-effective, automatic recurring business
  • Analytical reporting tools to track deliverability, open and click-through rates

My e-mail marketing strategy is based on the double opt in e-mail permission guidelinesm, which identify and target specific customer segments you choose. Each e-mail blast will be delivered only to recipients provided by you – if you're not fortunate enough to already have of list of customer e-mails, I can quickly help you create one using my lead generation services for your business.

The e-mail marketing software I utilize during each campaign complies with e-mail marketing best guidelines and spam compliant policies. My custom designed and developed e-mail templates will help your business get noticed, build customer relationships, and achieve a significant increase on your return on investment.