Search Engine Marketing, SEO/SEM

Need more Website Traffic?

Did you know 75% of website traffic originates from search engine queries? There's an average of 34 Thousand searches every second, 2 Million searches every minute; 121 Million searches every hour and 3 Billion searches every day. 70% of users don't click past the second page of the search results. It's time you take advantage of SEM & SEO techniques to increase website traffic.

Search Engine Marketing Importance

Having the most beautiful website or the next "Big Idea" web application is practically meaningless unless it's visible, indexed and "liked" by the three major search engines...Google, Yahoo! and Bing. These search engines use "spiders" to crawl and retrieve information from web pages across the web and then apply a secret ranking algorithm that determines your webpages ranking in the search engine results pages (aka SERPS). I apply the latest and effective search engine marketing techniques to each webpage in your website that is published on the internet. The end result is top rankings, more traffic, more customers and more sales.

How do I achieve this? By using tested and proven current search engine optimization (SEO) methods that follow the search ranking industries best practices and guidelines. View some of my clients proven SEO results shown in historical traffic data charts.

By using advanced SEO methods and social awareness site traffic for saw dramatic increases during the start of 2011 through 2012. Sales tripled within several months and the company found it difficult at one point to keep up with order processing. SEO Proven Real Time Results

State Fair Seasons

By implementing quality link building schemes and content distribution methods's web traffic increased by 500% within 4 months. This site is now one of the largest e-tailers for costumes and other everyday household products.

State Fair Seasons SEO Proven Results

In a nut-shell I can…
  • Apply special SEO code & content to your site
  • Increase search engine rankings, boost targeted traffic and conversion rates
  • Implement Google Analytics performance tools to evaluate and measure goals
  • Use various search marketing and techniques to drive more customers to your website
  • Create a Pay-Per Click (PPC) advertising budget and target keywords to increase traffic
  • Write and Post relevant high quality content using keyword targeted "niche" terminology
  • Build link from other websites relevant to your industry
  • Establish links from others websites you operate
  • Evaluate current SEO/SEM ranking factors and suggest recommendations

When your website is properly optimized for search engines, you will receive quality web traffic and your conversion rates will soar. If you are not at the number one position, I can assist with periodic evaluation to determine any recommendations that may need to be applied to achieve the highest search engine rankings possible.

On-Page SEO Methods

Because SEO is a highly secretive aspect with regards to internet marketing, we can’t guarantee you will be found on the first page for highly competitive keywords – as stated by Google, nobody can promise first page search rankings. But with my design, SEO methods, and coding expertise your website will definitely have better chances of ranking on the first page – no matter how the SERPS change their ranking algorithm in the near future.