Server Administration

Let me configure your Web Server

Why waste valuable time configuring and maintaining your web server when you have more important things to accomplish? Let me configure your web server and site up your website properly.

NJ Web Server Admin

I have an extensive background in configuring and maintaining web servers for my clients. Especially given today’s high-tech environment and the potential threats hackers pose to your server, it’s important to have someone ready to fix any issues that may develop. No web server is perfect and as technology evolves – so do the hackers that wish to take down your website, steal company data, and install malicious code that may result in your website being compromised. With my background in web security and web server administration, I make sure your server is secure and updated with latest ant-virus code - 24/7.

Block Hackers

If someone attempts to deface your website, I log specific IP’s which identifies the culprit and block them from accessing not only your website, but all the websites hosted on any given server. So take the extra time to focus on the more important things – like running your business.

If you need your server configured, that’s not an issue. I can set up and configure your websites hosting records that propagate across the internet informing search engines other servers that your site is properly configured and ready for traffic. If can also assist with mail server setup. For example) say you want gmail as your email platform, this can be confusing to the average business owner. Let me configure some settings and your domain mail will be running on gmails email hosting platform.

Advanced Configuration

Other advanced server settings can be configured as well to improve your sites credibility and enhance security policies across the internet. If you need PHP configured to work with some web service, just let me know or show me the current error and I would be happy to assist.