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Facebook has more than 1.15 Billion total users, 751 Million users access Facebook mobile across different devices. There are over 10 Million Facebook Apps, 23% of Facebook user’s check their account more than 5 times per day; 75% of possible engagement a post gets is during the first 5 hours. Isn’t it time your business gets social?

NJ Social Media Services

Social media marketing is the new standard when it comes to internet marketing. The aspect of social importance, aka sharing or tweeting has become a vital factor on how you reach and build your targeted customer base. If you have something interesting to say on these various social networking sites – you should be actively sharing with the social community. Why? Because by using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…allows your business to build a targeted list of potential customers which you can market to with a click of button. By using social networking sites, especially since 2012, your company is able to take advantage of building brand awareness, communicating with customers, and running promotions that could increase sales.

If you use video to promote your business or engage customers, this is even better. YouTube receives over 4 Billions video views every day. These videos are shared with others, commented on, and liked by the YouTube community. By applying some simple SEO coding to the video title, description and video transcript; I am able to achieve first page rankings on YouTube for videos related and promoted by your company. What does this mean? Well first, you get quality social networking traffic straight to your site free of charge. Yes that right, a little hard work making video pays off a long way when it comes to social media marketing. Second, you can monetize these same videos by signing up with Google Adwords to promote ad revenue produced by the video. Last, these videos (along with proper SEO) provides powerful SEO juice to your main website.

My Social Media & Networking Services Include:
  • Creating & updating content
  • Developing interactive social apps
  • Custom app development
  • Branding Facebook pages and custom modules
  • Integrating social connectivity with your website
  • Launching microsites within Facebook “Canvas”

I can also integrate social analytical reporting tools across your Facebook channels so you are able to understand and evaluate how your customers are reacting to your posts. This lets you focus on the social advertising aspects that are working, and increase sales and conversion rates during promotions.

I highly encourage you to take advantage of social media and networking to help promote your brands identify, build a loyal base a social customers, use these channels to “share” your content your publish on your website. If you have something very interesting, it may end up going viral within a matter of minutes being shared by millions of social users.

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